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        • AK145安全防護門是我公司自主研發的新型安全節能產品。采用隔熱斷橋技術,外框尺寸大,抗風壓能力強;三環道密封,密封性好,節能效果佳;配置5+0.76PVB+5+12+6LOWE的鋼化夾膠中空玻璃,隔音、隔熱效果更突出。
          AK145 security door is a new safe and energy-efficient product independently developed by our company with heat insulation and cut-off bridge technique. The product has a big frame and is wind-resistant; its triple sealings make it air tight and energy-efficient; and 5+0.76PVB+5+12+6LOWE double laminated toughened glass give the door remarkable sound and heat insulation performance.
          In design of connected emery screen door, the door opens outwards and screen door opens inwards, thus saving space; 304 SS mesh of screen door is rigid, corrosion- and wear-resistant, burglar proof and anti-mosquito, and it is easy to be dismantled and cleaned, a product of a high performance-price ratio; the internal and external colors may be matched freely to meet various demands of users.
          Suitable for high-end residential districts of residence, clubs and villas.
        • AK90斷橋鋁合金推拉門隔熱部位處在同一平面,熱損失小,室內和室外完全隔開,節能效果顯著;
          As the heat insulating parts of K90 cut-off bridge aluminum alloy sliding door are at the same level and indoor space is completely separated from outdoor space, energy can be saved, with little heat lost.
          with stationary windows and two, three or four sliding doors, and upper pulleys equipped with security units that cannot be dismantled from outside;
          use transom mullion for corner window, lunette window, door with window and strip window as works demand;
          built-in or built-on movable screens may be provided as required by works;
          compared with the windows of the same category in China, our product has better performances, use less materials and is more cost-effective;
          Easy and simple to be fabricated and assembled, with spares provided by a few professional hardware plants.
          Suitable for balconies, studies and livingrooms. 
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