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        • AK185提升推拉門有固定的提升滑輪裝置。
          帶有微通風功能,可選 雙面帶鎖執手。
          AK185 lift-and-slide door is equipped with fixed lift pulley unit.
          Simple and easy to be installed and slid, sashes can be fixed at any position on the track by turning the handle to different angles, and are extremely safe.
          Capable of slight ventilation and with double locked handle.
          With better air-tightness than ordinary sliding doors.
          Big profiles and multi-cavities ensure high strength, good stability, wind-resistance and anti-violation.
           Suitable for residence, villas, balconies and hotels.
        • AK185普通重型推拉門型材框、扇剛性強,抗風壓抗變形能力強,扇45度組角,牢固安全美觀大方。
          The profile of frame and sash of AK185 ordinary heavy sliding door has great rigidity and high wind- and deformation-resistance.  45。 corner combining makes doors firm, safe and attractive.
          Two pulley units (including 8 pulleys), with great load-bearing capacity, bear the weight of a heavy sliding door. Each pulley unit contains four pulleys, the first two guiding the door and bearing load and the last two bearing load. The doors can be slid smoothly, quietly, steadily and safely. Luxury handles can be installed on such doors to make them feel smooth and look elegant.
          If flat track is used as lower track, the track is at the same level with surrounding floor and people can pass smoothly.
          The notches of upper and lower tracks and left and right sides are sealed with double sealing strips—EPDM rubber sealing strip and siliceous top. The doors can be tightly sealed, open over a large area and ventilate a room well.
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