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        • AK50節能平開窗是一種帶流線型高級外開窗,外觀造 型優美,顏色為咖啡色;在中空玻璃中內置傳統的古徽州裝飾花格,既具有古徽州門窗的韻味又有現代文明的氣息。
          AK50 energy-efficient casement window, a streamlined high-end outwards opening window, has beautiful appearance and is brown; the traditional decorative lattice of ancient Huizhou style built in the double glass displays a local and modern taste.
          Multiple opening means can be realized with a type of profile; glass can be built in and on window frames, and sashes can open inwards and outwards; max 6+12+6 double glass can be used.
          Suitable for high-end residential districts like villas, clubs and residence.
        • AK70內開下懸窗主型材可視面壁厚2.5mm以上,符合型材國家標準GB/8814-2004;
          The wall thickness of visible section of main profile of AK70 inwards opening and bottom-hinged window is more than 2.5mm, up to GB/8814-2004; 19mm- and 24mm-thick double glass and 32mm-thick triple glass may be used, to meet domestic and foreign requirements for the thickness of glass;
          Covering the both sides of profile with colored film gives the window an attractive wood-like appearance, different wood grains presents a harmonious living environment, anti-UV decorative film can effectively avoid the deformation of profile and meet the demands of market;
          Main profile, with four cavities and triple seals, have grade 8 air tightness, grade 5 water tightness and grade 5 sound insulation;
          The big section of profile makes it capable of resisting wind, with its wind-resistance performance reaching GB 6 grade;
           heat insulation reaches GB 8 grade and heat transfer coefficient K is 1.6w/m2.k and below;
          Suitable for buildings with a high requirement for energy saving and other aspects and for energy-efficient buildings with high requirements for all respects. Applicable to bedroom windows, sunny windows and landscape rooms.
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