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        • AK110-03內開下懸窗是我公司推出另一款連體系列新產品,采用斷橋鋁合金設計,提高門窗節能性。
          AK110-03 inwards opening and bottom-hinged window is another new product of connected series launched by our company, with cut-off aluminium alloy making doors and windows more energy-efficient.
          This type of window can be made of 5+12+5 and 6+12+6 double glass and 5+0.76+5+12+5 triple glass.
          As the window is opened inwards and bottom-hinged, it makes a room well-ventilated, occupies no indoor space and is safer than outwards-swinging windows, and children will not hit their heads against it while playing.
          Indoor window frame has wood grain, but is more resistant to wind, sunlight, snow and rain than wooden frame and has a particularly long service life. The emery screens outside the window are so firm that customers need not to worry about safety.
          The multi cavities of external frame make it capable of resisting wind. Window frames and sashes, with four cavities and triple seals, have grade 8 air tightness and grade 5 sound insulation.
          Mainly suitable for high-rising buildings, villas and residential housing.
        • 欣葉安康AK110-04系列窗的外框造型大、強度高、抗風抗震性能好,采用先進的穿條斷橋技術,確保節能效果。
          AK110-04 series window, with large external frame, high strength and good wind-resistance and anti-vibration, is highly energy-efficient by using advanced inserted cut-off bridge.
          Conjoining screen with window completely saves customers the trouble of making screens and occupies no indoor space. The integral design, with an attractive appeance, provides protection against both mosquito and burglar.
          Screens open inwards and windows open outwards. Users can open the windows easily with simple window handles.
          Suitable for villas, residence and clubs.
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