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        • AK70內開下懸窗主型材可視面壁厚2.5mm以上,符合型材國家標準GB/8814-2004;
          The wall thickness of visible section of main profile of AK70 inwards opening and bottom-hinged window is more than 2.5mm, up to GB/8814-2004; 19mm- and 24mm-thick double glass and 32mm-thick triple glass may be used, to meet domestic and foreign requirements for the thickness of glass;
          Covering the both sides of profile with colored film gives the window an attractive wood-like appearance, different wood grains presents a harmonious living environment, anti-UV decorative film can effectively avoid the deformation of profile and meet the demands of market;
          Main profile, with four cavities and triple seals, have grade 8 air tightness, grade 5 water tightness and grade 5 sound insulation;
          The big section of profile makes it capable of resisting wind, with its wind-resistance performance reaching GB 6 grade;
           heat insulation reaches GB 8 grade and heat transfer coefficient K is 1.6w/m2.k and below;
          Suitable for buildings with a high requirement for energy saving and other aspects and for energy-efficient buildings with high requirements for all respects. Applicable to bedroom windows, sunny windows and landscape rooms.
        • AK185提升推拉門有固定的提升滑輪裝置。
          帶有微通風功能,可選 雙面帶鎖執手。
          AK185 lift-and-slide door is equipped with fixed lift pulley unit.
          Simple and easy to be installed and slid, sashes can be fixed at any position on the track by turning the handle to different angles, and are extremely safe.
          Capable of slight ventilation and with double locked handle.
          With better air-tightness than ordinary sliding doors.
          Big profiles and multi-cavities ensure high strength, good stability, wind-resistance and anti-violation.
           Suitable for residence, villas, balconies and hotels.
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